Rose Ellen Dix - Tik Tok

Rose Ellen Dix - Tik Tok

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Загрузок: 2016-11-27

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Wake up in the morning feeling totally shitty
Im in the bath, plugs in my ass, Im guna hit this city.
Before I leave brush my teeth with a handful of smack
Cause when I leave for the night, I always come back black
Im talking dayum my name is Rose, Rose
I dig Shakespearean prose, prose
Blowing up my student loan, loanLOAN
Im picking puke out of my hair, hair
Stumbling down the stairs, stairs
Watch Glee before it airs

God damn this is crap and my nose is full of crack
I want more, Im out the door because my life is such a bore
I need fame, this is lame, and Im secretly quite tame
I lied I dont do drugs
But I do like Turkish rugs
I need a break, not a rake or a steak Im not a fake
My voice is crap, need a slap, like before I start to rap
I need skills that give chills and totally pay the bills, now

Aint got a care in the world and I cant really steer
Aint got no money in my pocket but my smear test was clear
And now the dudes are lining up cause they hear we got swagger
But we kick em to the curb unless they have perfect grammar
Im talking never actually been drunk, drunk
But I just found another chunk, chunk
Got studies that Im going to flunk, flunkFLUNK
I said exposure is the key, key
I just need a part on Glee, Glee
Fame is a guarantee, I said fame is a guarantee
Thats it Ill be ligit, holy shit is that a zit,
I need plans and some fans maybe I should join a band
I cant sing live or at all, autotune just sings it all, now

Ill be a hit cause Im a Brit and Im totally kind of fit
Clean up my act, its a fact going to need a contract
Ill be papped in the street treated like a piece of meat, now

You build me up and you knock me down
My Facebook fan page is boring
No Youtube hits, Ill call it quits
No chance of ever touring
With my hands up, you got me now
Look Ive resorted to Myspace
Thats so emo, I already know
Thats something I got to embrace
Now the party dont start till emos log in
Its cool, youre a fool and I know I really rule
Your words are mean you loser teen, just go jack off to Wolverine
Screw this shit, I admit, this is lame Im going to quit, now

Still got my pride, wait thats gone, just a skank whore all along
Mascara ran but Im the man and I could really start a clan
Bouncing back, Ill be wack and youll have a heart attack, now

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